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Artist Statement










My work is all about joyfullness , hopefullness and positivity, in a word : ''joie de vivre'' . 



Through my work, I express my positive vision of life with cheerfullness , hopefullness, happinness , serenity, exaltation, sensitivity and grace . 


My artwork is a personal answer and reaction to everyday life by expressing the fact that though life may be very challenging time to time , there is and always will be hope , faith and joy to uplift it and give it a more positive turn. 


My inspiration comes through my observation of the world around me and my life experiences since childhood , especially through the cultural richness I acquired during all the travels I made when growing up and all I experienced and lived from them .


My inspiration comes from music, dance, creativity, cultural diversity,children , women, mythology, flora, fauna and everything that may bring expression of joy , happiness and hope to human beings in everyday life .


“From Joy, I was born. In Joy, I abide, and to Joy, I shall return.”


This Sanskrit proverb sums up the essence of my artwork.